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Independent Paparazzi Consultant #83776 My husband and I moved to Arizona in August 2018 after living in Kansas City, Missouri for 12 years. My husband is a college men's basketball coach and took a job here with the same school he had been coaching at for the past 13 years. We are both born and raised in Dodge City, Kansas and I also lived in Nebraska for 12 years. We are parents to 4 fur babies, 2 cats, Callie and Calvin and 2 dogs, Clay and Cain. I love gardening, golf, scrapbooking, and watching sports. 

Everyone has their own journey, their own ups and downs, and obstacles on their path. My Paparazzi story is still being written but l want to share a little of what's going on now. We are reaching high for unthinkable dreams and they are coming true!!

I am Cassandra and I love Paparazzi Accessories! I started with Paparazzi the very end of June 2017. Whether you are new and earn high ranks right away, or it takes you a few years to gain your momentum, you have a story and a path. I am so grateful that Paparazzi has been a part of my life. 


Why I Joined Paparazzi 

I have worked in retail part-time for 24 years as a second job. I loved it. I loved having a reason to be out of the house and around other people. Not just the same people I see at my full time job every day. I worked with different people and met a lot of customers. BUT, I ended up with Plantar Fasciitis and couldn't stand for long stretches of time on the concrete floors. About 2 years after I quit I found out that my position at my full time job was going to come to an end at the end of the year. I could find a new position at the same company or find another job. I didn't know what options would be available in the next 6 months so I was counting on the fact that I may lose my job. I wanted a part time job to save up a little money just in case, but knew I couldn't go back to retail. I did Direct Sales before and did NOT like it. I didn't like the pushy up-lines, I didn't like the fact that you only made money by building a team, I didn't like all the over head cost of buying catalogs, etc, I didn't like begging people to have parties and buy product that was normally overpriced. So needless to say, doing Direct Sales was not an option. For a week or so while I was looking for part time jobs that would work with having a full time job I saw someone selling Paparazzi on Facebook Live. I was invited to a FB Paparazzi party about 9 months prior. I wasn't interested since I wasn't a jewelry person BUT I bought a few pieces from the consultants website. I was so impressed when I received my items. The fact that the necklaces came with a free pair of earrings, was a huge surprise. But, after that, I didn't think about it really again. When I saw the show on Facebook I was intrigued that they were selling on FB Live AND remembered it was only $5. I spent that weekend researching Paparazzi. Lots of information and none of it fell in the categories of what I did not like about Direct Sales, including NO catalogs!!!!

So, I signed up with the biggest kit. I wanted to jump in with both feet and I loved that no matter what size kit you buy it's actually the inventory that gets you started, not just paying a fee that didn't come with anything.  I was super nervous but super excited. When I opened my starter kit filled with my order, I was FLOORED - I could not believe how cute and trendy everything was - it seemed surreal that it was all just $5. 

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My first big goal was to save a little money in case I was without a job for a while. But, my position at my full time job didn't end like originally planned. 

I wanted to continue working my Paparazzi business even though I didn't "need" to. Having the second stream of income was nice for the extra things we wanted to do and put more money in the savings. And, I was having fun, meeting a lot of new people and making money. 

My current vehicle needed some repairs that I didn't want to pay for (hated the car). At that time I saved enough money and was making enough money to have a monthly car payment again. So, my second big goal was purchasing a new-to-me car.

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When I joined Paparazzi, my plan was not to focus on building a team. One of the reasons I love and joined Paparazzi - You don't have to build a team to make money. I also didn't want to attend convention. My ONLY reason to join Paparazzi was to make some extra money. 

The first person that reached out to me about joining my team was a surprise. I wasn't asking for people to join my team or advertising it. One of the things I didn't like about Direct Sales was the pushiness of building a team. Up to this point, no one was pushing me about team building. I could build a team on my own timeline. While you can make money just selling the beautiful, fun jewelry, you can also make money building a team. This was the start of my first business goal. I hit Director in the first 3 months. I continue to work for the next rank and the next one after that. 

While I was having a ton of fun selling the jewelry on Facebook Lives and setting up at events, my PV (personal volume) was growing quickly. I hit Life of the Party Bronze after 4 months and soaring to Life of the Party Silver. Once you hit Life of the Party Gold you get the opportunity to walk the stage at convention in Las Vegas. I received a free convention ticket in my Large Party Kit when I started. What a great fun goal. Hitting Life of the Party Gold and walking the stage. I had to work hard to get there by the end of my first year but I made it. Vegas was FUN and inspiring!!! 


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I love sharing the story of my success with Paparazzi! The opportunity to make money is immediate with this company - ANYONE can have success with Paparazzi Accessories. I used to tell the stories of sponsors ahead of me quitting their full time jobs, their husbands quitting their jobs, 6 & 7 figure earners - And now...I can tell my own story! THIS is My Paparazzi Story. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would be thriving with a home-based business, I would not have believed you. I am so glad I gave Paparazzi a chance!! 

What will you make YOUR story? Will Paparazzi be a part of it?

My team is nationwide and part of the strongest line in Paparazzi - I would LOVE to have you on my team. Cassandra Stubblefield Consultant #83776

Paparazzi is changing lives – giving affordable confidence to women who are changing the world.  Providing substantial income for women everyday.

Please, feel free to ask me ANY questions you may have concerning Paparazzi Accessories – you can email me at

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