Paparazzi’s annual convention is an experience unlike anything else.  The energy generated by thousands of Consultants in one room is something you have to feel to believe – and you’re invited to be a part of it!  For three incredible days, the Paparazzi family will gather in fabulous Las Vegas, NV for the biggest party of the year!  Packed with training from the Founders, powerful keynote speakers, sneak peeks at the upcoming Fall Collection, the chance to shop ‘til you drop, and an After Party that will send you home in style, this is the ultimate Paparazzi paradise – and it’s all happening in Las Vegas!

Pink Tickets

A limited number of Pink Tickets will be available to the very first Consultants who register.  Once they have sold out, they are gone.  Pink Ticket holders at convention will have early access to both shopping venues: The Zi Boutique and The Preview. 


Free Convention Tickets

If you purchased a Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) and you have a free convention ticket voucher to redeem, a discount code has been generated for you in the following format: SKLASTNAMEXXXXXX, where ‘XXXXXX’ is your Consultant ID.  For example, if your name is Jane Smith, and your Consultant ID is 123456, your discount code would be: SKSMITH123456.

Free convention ticket vouchers expire one year from the date of the Starter Kit purchase.  Additionally, the voucher itself does not guarantee a ticket to the event. It must be redeemed by registering using the discount code provided in order to secure your seat at the event.

Please note that if a Consultant redeems a free convention ticket voucher and is unable to attend ONE Life, a $50 penalty fee will be incurred.  This fee will be waived if a formal cancellation is received by the Events Team via email prior to the registration end date (to be announced each year).  Free convention tickets cannot be transferred.

Party Hoppers

To qualify as a Party Hopper, you must attend one of the Empower Me Pink tour stops and purchase your ticket to convention by 11:59 PM MT on the day after our Empower Me Pink tour ends.  In true Paparazzi fashion, our Party Hoppers will receive a fun surprise when they arrive in Las Vegas for the biggest Paparazzi Party of the year.