Why Join Paparazzi?

Reasons to join Paparazzi

1. The Product! Women LOVE cute jewelry. At $5, the jewelry sells itself. There is no pressure, guilt or remorse buying when it's only $5.

2. High Commission! You earn 45% commission on sales. You start making money as soon as you sell from your inventory AND make commission on items sold from your website. Not to mention the commission you make from building a team

3. No Competition! The price of the retail product BEATS competition

4. The Company! Paparazzi has integrity and a company that promotes strong business leaders

5. Your Pace! Work at your own pace. No one is pushing you to sell or build a team. You work when you want to work. Don't want to sell? You can join Paparazzi strictly for the wholesale price. Great, inexpensive gifts for birthday and holidays. 

Not to mention there are NO catalogs to purchase, free website, new jewelry drops every weekday, lots and lots of training, the company is growing by leaps and bounds. I have a great team with lots of support and my up-line and up-line's up+line are very high in the company. You will receive so much training and support. Jewelry in general doesn't go out of style. Get it in front of people and it sells. 

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