Paparazzi Compensation Plan

The Paparazzi Accessories compensation plan is one of the best plans I've seen. EVERY consultant from Day 1 gets 45% of their personal sales as PURE profit. And that is CASH in hand.  No waiting for a check the following month or quotas to meet.  45%!

And if that wasn't enough, with the Paparazzi Compensation plan, you earn 5% - 10% of your team sales too!  It's that simple!  Sell jewelry yourself and get a great profit and then build a team and earn even more money.  (for a more in depth look at the Paparazzi Compensation Plan see the latest official chart of all the Paparazzi ranks and percentages below.  Click to view it in a larger format.

 Ready to join? CLICK HERE Consultant # 83776