Choose A Starter Kit

If you are considering becoming an independent consultant with Paparazzi, it's important to know the benefits of each kit. You want to make the BEST decision for your goals. 

Paparazzi has three kits to choose from. The larger kit gives more for the price, but the smaller kits are affordable and useful as well. 

The $99 Kit 

The $299 Kit

The $499 Kit


Please note that the size of your kit does NOT determine your success. However, the biggest kit is the best bang for your buck.

Benefits of the $499 Kit

200 pieces at $2.75 consultant pricing = $550

Convention Ticket cost = $190

Total out of pocket investment if purchased separately = $740

Cost of largest kit with everything above included plus marketing materials = $499


My up-line asked her thousands of consultants on her team what was one thing you would tell knew consultants - EVERYONE that commented that bought the $99 kit said they would encourage new consultants to buy the large kit. They all wished they had. The cost of each piece in the $499 kit is $2.50. That's an extra $.25 a piece you get to pocket if you don't buy it yourself separately. 


Here is the profit breakdown of the kit.


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