Jewelry Care

How to Care for you Paparazzi Jewelry

Avoid the S's

- Never SLEEP while wearing your jewelry

- Never SHOWER while wearing your jewelry

- Avoid SPRAYS such as hair spry or perfume

- Avoid SWEAT, don't exercise while wearing your jewelry 

- Never SWIM while wearing your jewelry

Your fashion jewelry should be the last thing you put on before going out the door and the first thing you take off after coming home. From time to time, clean your jewelry with a soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth. This will keep it shining and remove the body oils, perfume, lotions that, over time, will damage the finish on your jewelry. 

With a little care and common sense your jewelry should last for years! 

How to Repair your Paparazzi Jewelry

Our chains are not soldered: they have O-rings and jump rings which can open over time, with pressure or pulling. This is a standard construction of costume or faux fine jewelry. Please note our items are designed to snap/break when pulled to avoid injury. Few jewelry items can withstand the tug of a strong toddler or the inertia of an accidental tug. Please wear with caution around small children or if you are engaging in activity that could break an item - take it off. It's easier to store it safely than to replace an item you love. 

However, for most 'breaks' that involve an open O-ring or jump ring, a pair of needle-nosed pliers will re-connect broken chains or disconnected strands.

E6000 glue (clear, found at most drugstores or chain stores) is a professional grade fixative that will re-glue fallen stones and gems.